Makegood is a product design consultancy based in Wellington, New Zealand
If you are looking for help to take your idea to market then you have landed in the right place!

Our Services

A little about what we do

Your Product Idea

Are you an inventor, a start-up or established manufacturer and have a product or product idea that you want to take to market? Fantastic - We're here to help you with that!

Your product idea may be fully resolved (just requiring the finishing touches) or at the beginning stages - it's never too early to come in and see us.

Our Role

As industrial designers we have two roles to play. First we are the interface between you and the factory. Your idea may be great but it needs to be manufacturable - here's where we save you money!

Second is to make your product marketable. We work with you to make your idea function perfectly and look great - the essential ingredients to a successful product.

The Process

It normally goes something like this:
Briefing - Together we nut out what you really need and then give you a proposal - that's free.
Research - Makegood gets immersed in your world
Development - A process of designing and presenting until everyone agrees that we have nailed it.
Detail Design - The chosen design is progressed in CAD until it's ready for manufacture.
Production - We can help you find a manufacturer or work with your crew. We don't sign off until you have a warehouse full of boxes!

About us

Who are we?


Makegood was formed in 2015 and is led by industrial designer, David Moodie. David has twelve years experience working for both product design consultancy and manufacturing engineering companies. David has a passion for problem solving through design, loving the challenge of making your product look fantastic while functioning flawlessly!


We have a wealth of experience in designing for manufacture. From injection molded plastic products, die-cast metal housings, fibreglass surrounds and sheet metal fabrication through to CNC machining, fabric products and even inflatables! In fact, its highly likely we have designed something similar to your product already. But if not, no worries - we love new stuff!


Makegood is all about making your idea work. We won't tell you it can't be done... but we might show you another way of doing it. We work with the best in industry to ensure a great manufacturing outcome for you. And we are just as happy designing a one-off prototype as we are designing a product for mass manufacture - both locally and offshore.


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